28 March 2010

Welcome All!!!

Hey Everyone,

Even though the main reason of setting up this blog was because of the Writing Club Assignment of having weekly blog posts, I'll be writing about anything and everything under the sun (and the moon, but astronomically, were always under the sun right?).

This blog is dedicated to all my Writing Club people (Becky, Willa, Natasha, Karin, Erico, Silvia), all my English Teachers that have made me reach this stage in my writing career (Ms Jen, Mr Arthur, Ms Thiang, Ms Malini, Ms Ng, Ms Pia, Ms Patricia, Mr Jim) and everyone in PSB Singapore School and Santa Laurensia Junior High School. I hope to be able to post blog entires in languages other than English once I've mastered them! Enjoy my written words!!!

Aaron C

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