13 June 2010

Dari 1 Sampe 34, The Journey Of Delapan D

As the title might suggest, the number 34 may have very significant meaning, and it does and will have a very important memory behind it that will be with me for the rest of my life. Sure, its about my old and new life again, but thats why its so special.

My name is alphabetically behind enough for me to always be the last index number in every class i have been in in my life. But 34, thats the biggest number ive ever had, thats because 8D, is the biggest class ive ever been in.

Sure enough, i wasnt able to attend the farewell party, mostly because im trying to make the dreams of 20 people to go to singapore come true, but i regret it a lot. It seemed to me that i had to compleat the whole year to learn to appreciate them, like Kris Allen's song, Live Like We're Dying, "You never know a good thing till it's gone"

I can still remember day 1, when i came and had a hard time spitting at least one word out of my mouth. Trust me, it wasnt because of the language barrier, i had a bahasa vocabulary enough to make it past life, but it was because it was not prepared for the "hell" i was faced without transition!

Culture shock could be the best way to describe it, and when i say culture, i mean school culture. one i was definately not prepared for. but long story short, i leart about the real world.

but towards the end of the school year, i realized that 8D isnt just a class, it could change my life, and its going to stay with me forever. Unless im not promoted, im never going to have a class with the number 8 but a different letter ever again. This being my first time to switch classes, ive come to realize that im never going to be in the same class of the same people ever again.

As the last days of 8D come to an end, i came to think of the memmories ive had thoughout the year. From the first few days of school which featured my early confrontations with a few people which ended up a big misunderstanding because of the language barrier, to the final days of class meeting and farewell parties, ive come to learn that sometimes, its the naughty things that will be remembered the most.

Its hard not to tear up thinking about how much fun we had. all the blood, sweat and tears, laughing together, crying together, suffering together, living together. im glad that no matter what, our class still stayed together. In the mids of all the comedy, action and drama, is amazing how we've come so far, but remember guys, like Big Time Rush's song goes "We're halfway there!"

My message to 8D:

You guys have been AMAZING!!!! and have really shown me a lot of things. Youve made me "Glow Inside" and "Shine", maybe thats hard to believe, but ive shined in a unique way. I'll never forget all the hard times, all the jokes we cracked and all the moments that will stay in me forever.

I would like to appologize to all you guys if ive ever offended you, may it be in my words or deeds, but i hope u guys understand that it was never meant to offend. I hope we can move on from our past and keep moving forward

To the citizens of 8D, my last words for you. You guys are the "Kids of the Future", youve got talent, from maths to science, from writing to speech, from leadership to organizing, from music to art, from sport to spirit, and you could potentially be the future leaders of the world. Youve come so far from your starts, but the road is long, and its definately not a "Boulevard of Broken Dreams".

Remember in life, opportrunities come, and then they can go just like that, coz in life, second chances only come to the deserving, coz sometimes, theres only "One Time". Always remember what we've learnt this year in english, im not talking about the language, im talking about the moral values, Where can a journey take you?, What defines success?, Can we see change as it happens? CHANGE CHANGES LIVES, and one change leads to the next, one success leads to change, and one success leads to another. Go and make the most of your lives, coz ur all worth living,

"Everybody Knows" that "Life Is A Highway" and it's "The Long And Winding Road" but your have a "Beautiful Soul", so "Don't Stop Believing", "Keep Holding On", coz you've just gotta say to yourself, "It's My Life" and "I'm Alive". If you ever need me one day, "I'll Stand By You" and help you take it "One Step At A Time". Remember that "Your Beautiful" and you need to keep saying to yourself "I Believe I Can Fly", coz "I Will Fly".

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