8 September 2011

GW 1.0 (In English)

This is another blog post where I copied the idea from the blog of the coolest dude around Mario Averdi at http://www.shootingaces.blogspot.com/ . So here it goes, in English...

I was born in that hospital labour room in Jakarta Barat that one August morning. I was in my mom's tummy for that extra month. I was expected to be born on Indonesia's Independence day but that didn't happen. I was taken home to an amazing home with an amazing pair of parents. I grew up. I was too skinny to be true. I never had problems eating vegetables. I moved to Perth. I lived in Perth with my dad. I attended 4 different Kindergartens. I was put in foundation English class in my last kindergarten. I continued to live in Perth. I sat my first year of Primary School in Ursula Frayne in Perth. I was still in Foundation English class. I was a jerk in first grade. I listened to Westlife, ABBA and Pet Shop Boys in the car to and from school everyday. I grew up listening to Westlife. I came to love Westlife. I watched The Sound of Music every day. I watched it so much that the last time I watched The Sound of Music was the day the CD cracked. I moved on to second grade. I went home to Jakarta. I went to SIS. I got bullied in grade 2. I was the bully the next year. I've been both a bully and the bullied before so I know what it feels like on both sides. I moved to PSB. I moved to a school in a damn freaking ruko. I moved to PSB on the first day it opened. I went to a school with 40 students from 1st to 9th grade. I was in a class of like what, 6 people? I thought my parents were insane to send me to PSB. I was proven wrong in 4 months. I won the APSMO maths competition. I won the Westpac Olympiad. I am the first person in PSB School history to have an achievement in a competition outside school. I went through this journey with my good pal Pris. I was ruthless. I was hated. I was bullied, again. I then became the bully, again. I resolved it all before the end of 4th grade. I was the vice of the Valentines Day organizing committee. I was part of the first ever fully student organized event in PSB School history. I was so proud of myself. I felt Youth Empowerment for the first time even though I didn't know what Youth Empowerment was at that time. I was crazy. I organized our so called "The Adventure Race" in Kebon Raya Bogor for the school. I was so devastated that it got canceled due to natural disaster. I put all the documents in a box and hid it away. I found the box and made the race really happen two years later. I started TSA. I saw TSA crash and burn. I was loved by my PSB mates. I was loved by my PSB teachers. I was scared taking the iPSLE. I made it through the iPSLE. I got results outstanding that words cannot describe how good they are. I cried because of my results. I made my maths teacher cry because of my results. I cried and cried and cried. I was too happy to stop crying. I sat Secondary School. I left PSB on such short notice. I left PSB not because PSB is a bad school. I left to make PSB proud in the world out there. I left the shoebox school. I worked hard for my last Honours Day event. I worked hard to make my final service to PSB a memorable one. I cried on Honours Day on stage. I made everyone else cry. I left the most productive 4 years of my life...

I'm bored. I wanna blog. I'm going to Kebon Raya Bogor tomorrow. I'm going to be nostalgic.

I'm going to continue the chapters of my life which were in Bahasa Indonesia in GW 2.0!

I'm Aaron Colin and signing out!

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