20 April 2012

You Might Not Have Tomorrow To Do It

"If you ever plan on changing someone's life someday, do it today, because you might not have tomorrow to do it."

That's what I learnt that day in chapel. It really hit me that life is like a reality show. One day you could be playing the game and the next you're eliminated. We really don't know when time will be up.

It's not just death. It's about leaving an institution or environment or leaving a period of time where something is or is happening.

Then, one day, you decided that there's something you want to tell someone, something that will change their lives for the better forever. Something that could ultimately make the world a better place in the long run. But then, you decide to wait for whatever reason you might have. But you didn't have another day to do it. You're gone, just like that, and what great potential your "plan" had vanished into thin air.

You might not have tomorrow to do it, so don't wait for tomorrow...

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