6 June 2012


Why on earth am I running? Why am I running for Student Council President?

Because this time round, I think I had the right mind to know that a new kid on the block who barely knows anything about the culture doesn't stand a chance at even being selected as a candidate.

And here I am...

It's funny, every time I tell myself it's not realistic for something to happen, it does happen; and vice versa.

So, when I found out that I was chosen as a candidate, I asked myself the standard question: do you really want to do this because if not now is a great time to quit.

There were the arguments that were equally standard as the question. I love doing this Student-Council stuff. I just seem to love organising events. I mean, come one, I've been doing it for the past, what, 7 years? Backstage, on stage, in power, no power, 20 people, 700 people, I've done it all. But is that enough.

I thought long and hard. Then, just as I was about to end it all, it hit me...

Remember Houston (if you are an avid reader of my blog, or if you know me well enough)? Who got me there? Ok, it wasn't Student Council back in Laurensia but it was two friends.

Then there are these single-digit number of friends around in IICS that turned my life around, so quickly into the "game". These angels, probably sent by God or someone, to make my journey in this school much better. To give me a piece of mind and to reduce my fretting over trepidation.

All my life, I've been shaped by my peers. I've seen how much I've grown in a good way because of them. They have changed my life. If I ever am or will be successful, they are inevitably one of the biggest reasons why. I'd probably still be the alien antisocial around if it weren't for a bunch of guys that spared a part of their lives to take me in. I look back and see all the things that wouldn't have ever happened if it weren't for my friends.

There are so many people around us who sit in a room for hours each day whom I admire so greatly. All the things I have learnt about life from them just amazes me; and it's such a great thing that my life's that way.

However, sometimes, it seems like I'm the only one who ever learns from other people, or who believes in other people so much, and that makes me feel like I'm either crazy, which I in recent days have learnt am not, or that I see something that other people simply never had the chance to see because nobody ever gave them the chance to.

I want to show the school, and then the world, what I see. I see untapped potential. I'm probably not the only one who sees it. All I want to do is let it out. I want to help you let others change your life like some people have changed mine. I want the Student Council to be only one of many sources of support. I want us to be help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. I dream of the day that someone comes to me and says "I wanna try out writing competitions!" and I can make it happen. It's about being each others' reason for success. It's about having an open mind to learn from those at our level from those also sitting on the students' desks.

It's amazing what Youth Empowerment can do. I've learnt in my years that we're not crazy when we say YOUth Make Things Happen. But that's only because there's a HERO in you. However, in the world of Youth Empowerment, and in the efforts of achieving that "holistic education" we all seek, everyone has a role to play, and everyone has to play the part if there is a hope that together we shine.

I want to learn from you and I want others to learn what I have learnt from you. I want to endorse you, show the school and the world how great you are and how great all us Huskies are, and help you change the lives of others.

I want to be proud to be an IICS. I want to be proud to be a Husky, and for the pride to be genuine.

And therefore, I'm running; I'm running for Student Council President...

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