31 December 2013


It's always been my favorite number.


It's just so prime. It's not too small and not too big. 13 of anything is always nice.

I don't know why I like the number so much but after this year, I've fallen in love with it.

I graduated as the class of 2013.
We had our prom on the 13th.
We sat exams in 13 HSC courses.
By the end of my cohort's student council term, there were 13 council members left.
During the IPEKA Computer Competition of 2013, we ran 13 competitions.
13 people went on the trip to Bali to celebrate Clarissa's birthday.

Ok, I'm running out of 13s. But 13 is prime and look at all the other prime numbers we encountered:

We graduated a cohort of 61 students.
Most of us turned 17 this year.
7 guys slept in my room after prom.

Ok, I'm also not recalling that many prime numbers.

The point is, 13, as unlucky a number it is, and boy has my cohort proven that it is unlucky, is just an awesome number, so much so that I've started doing everything in 13s.

(All in no particular order)

13 peers I really got to know in 2013:

Christian Alan Delima, Edwin Prasatya, Garry Kusuma, Irvan Lim, Monica Hartono, Jesslyn Antonio, Emily Hartono, Jason Korinton, Felicia Sabrina, Carissa Natasha, Kenny Soerianto, Joshua Sungkarto, Jessica Fiani

13 most thought of schoolamtes from the past:

Kenny Ponto, Stanley Arvan, Priscilla Mannuel, Jethro Benson, Kenneth Reynold, Mario Averdi, Jeffry Wicaksana, Zoya Marie, Owen Yunaputra, Karin Novelia, Abraham Andika, Hans Aditya, Vincent Joshua

13 mates who made 2013 so awesome:

Edwin Prasatya, Garry Kusuma, Christian Alan Delima, Calvin Njotowidjojo, Jason Korinton, Joshua Sungkarto, Gregorious Randell, Irvan Lim, James Lianto, Jonathan Handoko, Indra Kurniawan, Kenn Winarta, Raymond Guyandi

13 things places with a story:

PIK Driving Range, Ritz Carlton Mega Kuningan, Flavour Bliss, Gold's Gym, Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Ex, Grand Indonesia, Sate Khas Senayan Pasar Puri, Puri Indah Mall, Mie Bangka behind IICS (sorry this place doesn't really have a proper name), Es Krim Goreng (also the one near IICS), Potato Head Garage, Aoki Japanese Restaurant

13 numbers with a story:

2, 3, 5, 7, 13, 14, 17, 21, 25, 31, 61, 120, 342 (see if you can figure out the story behind each number)

13 songs with a story:

I Need Your Love, Daylight, True Colours, If I Loose Myself, Don't You Worry Child, Drinking From The Bottle, Be With You, Love Somebody, Burn, Around The World, Mirrors, This Is Home, We're All In This Together

13 birthdays with a story:

Dian Mak, Christian Alan Delima, Valentine Vanessa, Monica Hartono, Carissa Natasha, Clarissa Herliani, Felicia Sabrina, Delmira Miranda, Michelle Wirawan, Raymond Guyandi, Jonathan Handoko, Jesslyn Antonio, Calvin Njotowidjojo

13 items with a story:

Gatsby Hair Wax, Blackberrys, my iPod, Dumbells, Noodles, Cars, Shampoo, Cameras, Spray Paint, Trains, Story Books, Computers, Glowsticks

13 significant words this year:

Tenacity, Belonging, Prime, Love, Together, Friendship, Fun, Vulnerability, Maturity, Connection, Respect, Trust, Visions

13 things I did:

Learnt how to drive (again), Got a driver's licence, Learnt how to ride a bike (with siginficant improvement), Travelled by train in Indonesia, Gymed to prepare for exams, Got a new phone, Bought my own tub of hairwax, Tutored people, Played Golf, Mentored two cohorts, Made an Instagram account, Revived my iPod from the dead, Graduation Speech

13 moments to remember:

Live-In, ICC, Farewell Chapel, Graduation, Prom, Guys Night Out After Prom, Last Day of School, Hat Day, HSC Exams, Yearbook Photoshoot, Prayer Meeting, Valentines Day, Last X2 Night

13 people I couldn't have done it without:

Cassey Liestyo, Michelle Wirawan, Karisa Elisabeth, Kenn Winarta, Christian Alan Delima, Calvin Njotowidjojo, Gregorius Randell, Marcia Julia, Rosabella Tulus, Rachel Sianipar, Valentine Vanessa, Jocelyn Agnes, Andrea Tamara

13 things I learnt this year:

That love, belonging and togetherness prevails

That belonging is important

That part of being mature is knowing how and when to have fun

That true kindness exists

That love is to put others before one's self

That everybody needs somebody to love

That to belong one needs common ground

That together one can achieve anything

That one does not always have to belong everywhere; that it's all right not to belong sometimes

That my sense of not belonging affects that of others

That events that occur can tear people apart or bring them even closer together

That the challenge of belonging is to develop meaningful connections

That people always come first

13 lists of 13

20 13 (=D)

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